Listen to Your Inner Voice

I wrote a post that I had to set to private at the last minute, entitled, “The Experiment.” Far from what I usually post here, it’s probably one of the most intimate article I’d ever written in my life.

It was written at the point in my life when I had to make a tough decision. I had help from my inner voice. I knew the voice was wise and I should’ve listened. But with every dilemma, we have another voice that’s more primitive and raw – less concerned about consequences. And I gave in.

And now, I live with the consequences of my actions. I knew  I should have listened to the wise inner voice but I was weaker than I thought.

Only time will tell if I eventually will find the peace I’d lost. But I’m hopeful my future will be brighter with the knowledge that I will never be alone again even after he leaves as he left a precious cargo behind.