The Imitation Game: Gratuity-Free, You’re Welcome.

I’ve heard about Alan Turing’s story before watching The Imitation Game, starring my favorite Brit, Benedict Cumberbatch. I knew that he was a gay math genius who broke the German’s Enigma machine, then got arrested for indecency that led to his chemical castration and eventual suicide.

I was preparing myself for hard-to-watch gay scenes (as I’m a prude straight woman, I usually close one eye on these scenes) and the suicide scene which I predicted would make me bawl as if I’m having my PMS. I was also prepared to be annoyed by Keira Knightly (not a huge fan).

Wouldn’t you know it there were non of that at all! Not one gay sex scene in a movie about a homosexual! That’s amazing! The suicide scene I was waiting for didn’t materialize either. And Keira Knightly was believable and not annoying at all.

As expected, Benedict Cumberbatch was excellent. How could he not be? Alan Turing was basically Sherlock Holmes. There were some controversy about Benedict’s quote on Metro about people assuming his characters have some form of autism. But clearly, Alan Turing is displaying some serious signs of Aspergers Syndrome.

Mathew Goode was good (haha). He’s truly one of the hottest British actors today(I loved him since Chasing Liberty). His character was a perfectly charming complement to Benedict’s socially awkward one. And how about the Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones cross-over, huh? I still kept seeing Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister in an army uniform, instead of his armour. Allen Leech aka Tom Branson in Downton Abbey as the spy for the Soviet Union I think was a bit far-fetched as he has a naturally kind face that could do no evil.

I like how the film was structured, going to and fro from the last moments of his life, to war time, and his childhood days at boarding school. It clearly illustrates where he’s been and how it affects his present circumstances. It made the audience more sympathetic as they understand Alan as a person and not just the genius who broke the German encryption.

I love the portrayal of his friendship with his team including Keira’s character, Joan. How she could agree to be his wife knowing he was gay truly made me admire her more. It made me think about my own gay best friend who I definitely don’t see marrying as I am a normal person without a genius IQ as is he.

I can see why this movie is nominated for a variety o awards including the Oscars. Too bad they didn’t win. But still, cheers to Alan Turing as he ushered in the age of the Digital Computer.