Can’t have The Doctor? Take Diego Buñuel instead

Okay, so no matter how desperate a die-hard female Whovian is, The Doctor is never ever going to ask you to be his companion. For the simple fact that the guy is a fictional character.

So if we can’t have The Doctor, who’s the next best substitute? Ladies, may I nominate the charming, tall, handsome, and moled NatGeo host of Don’t Tell my Mother… Diego Buñuel!

Let me count the ways why he reminds me of The Doctor so much:

  • He travels. (well, duh!)
  • He’s not afraid of dangerous places (hence the title of his show)
  • He charms the pants out of everyone he meets (that smile! *dies*)
  • He’s multilingual (no need for a Tardis translation thinggy)
  • He’s multiracial (almost as good as an alien with 2 hearts)
  • He’s very comfortable around people I would run from if I met them in a dark alley. ( I mean people with nasty looking guns and looks like they’d happily stick an axe in your head when you turn your back)
  • He’s open minded and democratic. (If World War 3 ever happens, I’d want him for a mediator in the negotiating table.)

As far as I know, he’s never had a travelling companion before. But when that position opens up, well…


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