Post Doctor Who: Matt Smith’s The Womb and David Tennant’s Fright Night

Since it’s going to be months before we get to see another installment of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Season 8, I have been scouring the Internet for some of the previous doctors’ works. I’ve watched Broadchurch and I loved David Tennant in it, of course. And I’ve seen Matt Smith in one episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, where the 11th doctor gets to sleep with Rose (I was interpreting it differently as I watched). However, I’ve yet to watch a movie with the doctors in it. (Harry Potter doesn’t count as I was not aware of David at the time).

The Womb

Matt mentioned The Womb in an interview with Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist Podcast(Subscribe to this podcast. Trust me, you won’t regret it!). Former Bondgirl, Eva Green is apparently in it. I watched the trailer and I remembered I’ve watched the trailer before and I was interested in seeing the movie but again, I was not aware of Matt Smith. I just thought the premise of the story was interesting.

While the movie does have a curious tale to tell, the pace, execution, and eek-factor was just way off. In other releases, the film was know as “Clone”, which I think is deceptively presenting itself as more science-fiction genre than it really was. The “art” film is basically, a love story between Eva Green and Matt Smith’s character, Rebecca and Tommy, respectively.

I hope pedos don’t watch this film…

Rebecca and Tommy were childhood sweethearts, living in a beautiful beach somewhere in England. But then, Rebecca had to go to Japan for her studies while Tommy remained. When Rebecca returned as a young lady, with a science degree and everything, she sought Tommy out. They continued their romantic relationship like nothing happened (Sorry Osha from Game of Thrones). Unfortunately for Rebecca, they would only have a few days(?) together before Tommy get’s hit by a super speeding truck.

Rebecca’s brilliant plan is to clone her boyfriend. She gets pregnant using Tommy’s DNA, raise the version 2 Tommy as her own son and sleep with him when he’s all grown up(Sorry Gilly of Game of Thrones). And I thought Tommy 1.0’s plan to release a million cockroaches in a cloning facility was bonkers(Did I mention, he was a militant environmentalist?).

Although this film tries to be minimalist with little dialogue and overly long camera shots, I think it failed. I mean, I’ve watched the French movie, Amour, and was riveted so I know I can stand a slow-paced film.

I do have problems with the dialogue because it didn’t sound natural. Young Tommy’s lines, for example, sounded like it could’ve come from an artsy fartsy pretentious novel.

Why so slooooow????

The snail, the long minimal intro, Eva Green’s longing look at the sea, the constant sleeping shots, hit our head with all the minimalism, why don’t you.

I love Matt Smith as the doctor but I don’t know if I saw another character in this movie. The mannerisms, his voice, cadence, and movements all screamed – The Doctor – that I can’t help but laugh at his line, “It seemed bigger in my mind.”

The SCENE – you can argue that it’s technically not incest but still…eeeww… I have enough of that from Game of Thrones. Thank you very much!

I feel that the movie could have worked because of the very interesting premise. It’s too bad, it was so conscious about it being an “art film” that it fails to tell the story properly.

Fright Night

This movie has been shown a couple of times on cable TV but I didn’t see the point of seeing it as I heard some pretty bad reviews. You know what? It’s not as awful as I thought!

That goes to show what having low expectations can do to your perception.

It’s a fun enough movie for people who enjoy horror movies (like me). I watched it while I was organizing my stuff so I was watching it without my 100% attention and the movie was enjoyable to me.

Of course, I paid close attention not to the star of the show, Collin Farrell, but the skinny and lanky looking British dude, aka the 10th Doctor – David Tennant.

He plays Peter Vincent, a Chris Angel-like alcoholic magician who happens to know a thing or two about the occult including the existence of vampires. He plays the part brilliantly and his comedic timing is impeccable.  He’s so saucy! There are ridiculous parts yes, but the movie, I feel doesn’t take itself too seriously so I don’t.


I don’t know if I’m biased because David Tennant is my doctor, but Matt Smith, I’ll still be watching the next Terminator just to see you!




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