Happy Birthday, Audrey Hepburn!

Thank you Google Doodle for reminding me.

Square-jaw, dark hair, stick thin, with doe eyes that’s arguably too big for her face, Audrey Hepburn defied the Hollywood beauty stereotype in her days. When blonde, curvy, and bimbo was an actress’ golden ticket to fame, she still got to the top spot with her eyes brimming with intelligence and smile radiating sincerity.

Audrey Hepburn was and still remains my favorite of all Hollywood actresses. I don’t think I saw every one of her films though. So I’m making a list of all her movies I’ve seen and all the movies I still need to find and enjoy.

So far, I’ve seen(no particular order):

Sabrina – I saw the remake; it so does not even compare to charm of the original

Roman Holiday – It made me want to go to Italy!

Funny Face – Audrey shows off her dancing skills with Fred Astaire .

The Nun’s Story – Her subtle performance earned her both an Oscar and Bafta nomination.

Two For the Road – All I can remember is MOD fashion

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – I was such a fan, I cosplayed her during our Hollywood-theme Christmas Party!

My Fair Lady – If I could afford to replicate that white gown, I would have worn this instead!

I still need to see:

War and Peace

Green Mansions

Paris When It Sizzles

How To Steal a Million

Wait Until Dark


Love in the Afternoon

The Unforgiven

Did I forget anything? Any suggestions?



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