Goodbye, Kuya.

March was a bitch of a month for my family. The first week, my brother got a blinding headache that made his eyes hurt so much he can’t open them and his left body was left paralyzed by a severe stroke coming from within the midbrain – one of the locations in your body you don’t want a blood clot to burst.

By the start of April, we were laying him down to rest in the family crypt. He was only 49 with newly adopted 1 year old twins.

In all honesty, this is the first time I felt like a piece of my heart was missing. Even after my father died, I never did feel as much sadness and longing. I wish I could hi jack a time machine to warn my brother to go to the doctors to get his blood pressure checked.

My brother was not famous, he never even had a regular job but he was probably the most kindest person you will ever meet. For reasons all his own, he chose the life of a “tech hermit.” He loved technology, tools, science fiction, and folk music (not necessarily in that order). He also loved to be a dad to his twin kids.

I will and do miss you, my kuya. I hope to see you again in another life.



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