Goodbye, Philip Seymour Hoffman! You Brilliant Man, You!

Philip Seymour Hoffman may look like the blonde version of the bumbling comedian, Jack Black, but his flair, intelligence, and grace in front of the camera sets him immensely apart from even the most good looking leading men of Hollywood. One does not simply objectify a man like Philip Seymour Hoffman!

Did you see him in Hunger Games? Everyone was dressed like ridiculous clowns (as they should in the book) but his costume was embodied in himself. He doesn’t need the colorful hair and outlandish outfits to fit the role. He is MOTHER FUCKING OSCAR WINNING PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN, BITCH! Just be glad he is there in your mainstream Hollywood movie lending his air of authenticity and brilliance to an otherwise forgettable movie franchise (loved the books though!). — Oh yeah, Donald Sutherland was good too, by the way.

Whenever I see PSH in a movie, somehow, I’m assured that this movie won’t be some same old boring story. I trust in his choices of roles. I saw The Talented Mr. Ripley, Big Lebowski, Magnolia, Almost Famous, Synodoche New York, and Pirate Radio (yes that’s not Jack Black). He did a lot more movies but some of his parts were for minor roles.  In each one though, his subtle brilliance shines.

I was so looking forward to the last Hunger Games movie. If only they didn’t have to divide it, I think it would’ve been finished before his death. See what you did there, ye gods of Hollywood? How would you finish this now?

Jack Black, you would have to step up, man! You have some awfully big shoes to fill.