Sherlock Mini Episode: Many Happy Returns

BBC just gave us a taste of Sherlock Season 3 with a mini episode entitled, “Many Happy Returns.” This is in reference to the uncut DVD Detective Inspector Lestrade made of Sherlock for Watson’s birthday.

The mini episode features a hobo-looking Anderson who somehow tuned into a Sherlock-is-alive fanatic, not unlike Elvis’ fans. How this came about is interesting to me. I loved Anderson as a comic-relief character, I’d hate to lose one of Sherlock’s best humor whipping boy.

I thought Benedict Cumberbatch wouldn’t appear in this episode. But he did! Thank you, thank you!

Dr. John Watson’s blog is also alive and kicking with a response to this DVD: Read it here.


2 thoughts on “Sherlock Mini Episode: Many Happy Returns

    1. Season 3 seems to divide the Sherlock fandom but I still love this series. It’s really rare to have this quality of writing, production, and performance on TV. Despite all the brainless reality TV, there’s hope still hope for humanity yet.

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