Sherlock Season 3 Trailer is Finally Here!

Finally! BBC released a proper trailer for Sherlock Season 3 and not some teaser that equates to a drop of dew on a man dying of thirst.  See

What can we infer from the minute-long glimpse into Sherlock Season 3?

  • Sherlock still thinks John’s life centers around Sherlock’s. It’s not John, Sherlock! It’s us! We are the ones who still haven’t moved on!
  • Mrs. Hudson can scream like a possessed Banshee!
  • Anderson looks better with the homeless-looking beard. It gives him such a character lacking in the previous seasons.
  • I don’t even wanna know why John’s wife prefer the ‘stache. What he and she does with that, I.don’
  • Finally, the most amazing moment…”…the person he thought would least matter to me…” could it be? MOLLY??? #notadormatafterall

I was just clicking on the trailer now and holy MOLLY we got exclusive content, people!

Gotta go!



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