Dracula, the Liberal Democrat Steampunk Vampire

I’m not sure why but I’m slowly liking NBC’s newest vampire series, starring the arrogantly gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Myers, Dracula. I’ve always loved vampires even as a little girl but since reading the original Dracula, I’m averse to the Hollywood-ification of the character. I watched the first episode just because, well … Jonathan Rhys Myers! How could I not. I’ve got objections of course. The costumes – what??? No self-respecting lady of aristocratic origins would wear something like that in the late 19th century, LUCY! The PDA – What??? No self-respecting lady of the 19th century would be kissing their beau in the middle of the street, MINA!

The unexpected plot lines are hilarious. Dracula, disguised as a wealthy American industrialist, is here to bring forth wireless light bulbs! No, not flashlights, as in light powered by geo-magnetism (what makes your compass point north, I don’t know how. Don’t make me explain, for the love of God!)  He’s here to wipe out the Order of the Dragon’s most lucrative venture – oil. Dracula’s plan is to develop green energy to eliminate the need for crude oil. (He should really talk to Obama)

Another surprise is Dracula’s personal approval of the gay community in the 19th century. He personally don’t care who you love but if he can use it to further his agenda, he would not hesitate to use public disgust to his advantage.

Although the characters are all here, Van Helsing, Mina, Jonathan Harker, Lucy, and Renfield, it’s far from Bram Stoker’s original tale. Jonathan here is not a solicitor but a struggling journalist who can’t afford to marry. Mina is studying to be one of the pioneer women in medicine. (I checked – the first woman ever to have a medical degree is Elizabeth Blackwell in 1849) That plot’s at least plausible.

Van Helsing is not the Dracula’s adversary but his ally. He’s the one who resurrected the mummified count to wreck havoc on the Order of the Dragon, the murderers of his family.

I can’t wait for the next episode. I think it’s going to become one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Blame it all on Myers!


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