Try Defying Gravity

We just saw Gravity (starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) and it was hard on the heart, really. I don’t mean in a bad way but in a very good way. I was going to skip this movie but it garnered rave reviews which makes it hard to resist. And besides it just rained again in the Metro and streets were going to become parking lots in a matter of minutes so I’d rather spend 2 hours enjoying a movie than be frustrated and trapped in the pouring rain and flooded streets.

The movie is not easy to watch. It’s not some lighthearted fare you can forget about when you exit the cinema. I felt myself getting stressed out, dizzy, and I had to remind myself that Sandra Bullock is safe somewhere in the US and this is just a movie and George Clooney is probably out and about trying out his latest “girlfriend.” We watched it on a regular 2D screen. I can’t imagine how nerve wracking and disorienting the experience would be in 3D IMAX.

Critics praised the technical aspects of the movie and deservedly so. The effects were awesome. I don’t know how they shot the movie but it really felt like they were out there in space. You can almost feel the lack of gravity with all the lack of control – spinning and hurling through space. (It made me think of how I’ve taken gravity for granted, even hating it after every time I remove my bra.)

I like the injection of humor, that mostly comes from Clooney. Sandra’s character was a tad annoying at first but in the end, you’ll root for her to go home. The little twist in the story is a brilliant move as it just elevated the story more. If you think this is just a movie about an astronaut’s survival in space, you’d be so wrong.

Go see it. It’s really worth the ticket price.



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