What I’m Watching Now: HBO’s Carnivale

I’ve been meaning to watch this series for years but there were so many other new shows that keep popping up that it’s only now that I got the chance.

Carnivale is a TV series produced by HBO and created by Daniel Knauf, a former insurance broker, who now writes and produces various TV series. It came out in 2003 but was cancelled after 2 seasons. I guess the subject matter was just too weird for most audiences. The bleakness of the setting – Great Depression in America’s Dust Bowl didn’t help either.

I’m not finished with Season 1 yet but I’m determined to see both seasons. I got to admit that it’s not like some of my more favorite TV shows like Sherlock and Game of Thrones where I’d be willing to forego sleep just to see the conclusion.  But the subject matter, circus “freaks” and dark religious elements certainly are intriguing. So far, the episode that truly stands out is the ghost town episode, Babylon. It’s deliciously creepy especially the last scene.

I still got a lot of episodes to go through and I’m dreading the last episode in season 2 when I’ll know if it’s going to end on a cliff hanger and leave me with no proper closure just like my dear Pushing Daisies.


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