Movie Marathon Weekend

A long weekend with nothing to do? It’s time for a movie marathon then! My eyes are all puffy and swollen but I. REGRET. NOTHING!

Beautiful Creatures

Critics didn’t care much for this Twilight-except-witches movie but I happen to enjoy it. First of all Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson are in it;  it’s quite surprising. Emma Thompson is her usual superb self but I don’t think Jeremy Irons took his role seriously as his character didn’t quite resonate with me.

Southern accents are usually my least favorite accent but ever since True Blood, I’ve found the accent charming and quaint. Special effects could’ve been better and nothing stands out as original except maybe hipsters with deep southern drawls. I did enjoy the story though it’s been told many times before *cough* The Craft.


Again, a story told a thousand times before. *cough* Fern Gully *cough* *cough* Avatar. it’s enjoyable for kids to watch but I didn’t much care for it. It’s an amalgamation of Honey I Shrunk The Kids  with a mixture of all other forest stories. You can predict scene by scene what happens next.

Identity Thief

I didn’t even finish watching the movie.


Seth McFarlane is a genius with a filthy vocabulary which is fine by me. Oh my God, I found myself crying over a damned stuffed bear man-whore with a bong.


This movie is South Korea’s contribution to the whole vampire movie franchise. And may I just say, it’s a great vampire film. If you like Let Right One in, you’ll like this film. There are comedic elements yet it still disturbing and creepy. It’s fairly long though. I though it could’ve been edited more. I don’t think the movie needed the virus plot line at all.

The story is about a horny but guilty (think Opus Dei) priest-turned-vampire through a blood transfusion. He develops feelings for this childhood friend of his who’s married to a pathetic man-boy. It’s got some racy scenes but one scene in particular is hilarious as well as creepy. I can’t explain it without spoiling the movie so just watch it!

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

The premise is awesome but the execution is flawed. I usually like Steve Buscemi but I didn’t like him in this movie. I keep expecting Will Ferrell to come out in all his velvet and glittering magical glory but alas, he’s not in this movie. Jim Carrey was awesome as the Chriss Angel-like magician doing ridiculous stunts as substitute for traditional magic acts. I don’t know what Jim Carrey’s drinking but I’d sure love some of that fountain of youth serum. He looks hot! He’s certainly working hard on those abs.

The movie was enjoyable but forgettable. I feel like it could’ve been a great movie with right casting maybe and a more unique spin to a story you already know by heart. The last illusion was hilarious and I could believe that some magician could actually do that if they don’t fear being sued by hundreds of people.


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