Battle of the Byronics: Mr. Darcy vs. Mr. Rochester

Ah Byronic heroes! The epitome of ladies’ ultimate desires. Arguably, if you want to write a bestselling book, just plop a angst-ridden beautiful man in there and it will sell like hotcakes.

Some of us are victims of our childhood literary choices or should I say, lack of choices. Especially in older generations with more limited selection of children’s literature, fairy tales were our first books. I remember a whole stack of them in my childhood. I even had 2 or 3 versions of Cinderella and Snow White with different illustrations. Surely this is the cause of why I love Byronic heroes so much.

Which brings me to a very important question. Who would you rather meet? Mr. Darcy or Mr. Rochester?

I’m sure majority of the females would make a beeline for the dashing Mr. Darcy. He’s eloquent, refined, aloof at first but dons that white armor like a bad ass when ladies are in trouble. He’s also rich and owns a picturesque estate, Pemberley. He’s got no lunatic wife hidden in a tower but has a sweet sister living with him instead.

Mr. Rochester, on the other had, is a bit more worldly, crass, ambitious, and less dashing than Darcy. He’s a lying but charming man. Although he’s rich as well, he lives in an isolated mansion called Thornfield Hall. While he also has a charming ward named Adele, he also got an insane wife locked up in the house.

If these heroes met in a bar, got drunk, and started trading cynical jabs at each other which leads to a fist fight, Mr. Rochester would definitely beat Mr. Darcy’s uber British ass.

I therefore conclude, I’d rather meet Mr. Rochester than Mr. Darcy. (Though, who am I kidding, I’d love to meet them both!)


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