Stoker: The Most Un-Funny Uncle Ever

Did you know Wentworth Miller is now a screenwriter? Well, I certainly didn’t! He wrote the screenplay for Stoker and I’ve got to say, I’m impressed! He’s not just a good looking, crazy good actor, he’s also an intelligent writer as this movie shows.

Stoker stars Mathew Goode (he’s such a darling!), Mia Wasikowska, and Nicole Kidman. It was directed by South Korean, Park Chan-wook, the dude who directed 2009’s Thirst (which is on my list of movies to see). I though for a while the setting was in England but it’s not. It’s just plain old US.  Goode don on his American accent and was fabulous and dashing as always.

The film starts with the death of India’s (Mia) father. She meets her only uncle(Goode), whose existence was revealed to her only at the funeral. Evelyn, the mother (Kidman), immediately falls for Charlie (and ladies, can we blame her? Have you seen how fine Mathew Goode looks?). India, on the other hand, was being her cold aloof self. I was thinking she may have some sort of autism or asperger-syndrome but it was not mentioned. She hates being touch and is apparently “different” from other teens. By the way she dresses (she wears the same shoes from a small child to age 18, sent to her every birthday) and her hobbies (piano, hunting, and being generally mysterious and deep :) we can conclude she’s an old soul.

The movie is a slow burn, but with some level of suspense, still. It’s not referred to as a psychological thriller but rather a psychological drama. It’s not a film that everyone will enjoy. But I liked it. 1. Mathew Goode (gotta be honest) 2.  Mia Wasikowska’s parted hair, kidding! India is my kind of character. I always have someone like this in my head as a character for a story. 3. Mystery (I love mysteries!) 4. Nicole Kidman’s costumes! (Hey I love fashion too so I pay attention to these things.)

Nicole Kidman was her fabulous self as always, no surprise. I love how she’s willing to make these kinds of “indie” films. I’ve yet to see Dogville but I’ve seen her in Rabbit Hole and Birth and she’s brilliant. She also starred in The Human Stain which is probably where Wentworth Miller and she became friends. Wenworth starred as the half-black half-white boxer in Human Stain.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone who’s not suffering from a short attention span. If you liked Melancholia, you’ll like this one better.