Star Trek Into Darkness and Yes, it’s the Wrath of Khan

Star Trek Into Darkness is what we all expected – awesome action-packed scene after scene. If you plan on seeing it, go to the bathroom before the film starts as there is absolutely no lull or go-to-the-bathroom scene anywhere. At the end, I was genuinely worried about my bladder.

I don’t know why JJ Abrams felt the need to deny that Harrison was Khan all along. When Benedict Cumberbatch, in  his glorious voice announced (and enunciated in perfect British English) “I AM KHAN!!,” I wanted to shout, “WE KNOW!!!.” Plot-wise, it was not so original but then, I heard it was lifted off from the first movie. You just don’t watch movies like Star Trek for the plot, though. You watch it for the thrill-ride, bro-mance… and the Cumberbatch (for women and girls and gays…and guys with a guy crush;)

On IMAX 3D, it was like riding a roller coaster. There was just no let up on the action. The body count could tally in the thousands. And while of course we root for the good guys, us girls we just can’t help flinching every time Spock or Kirk throws a punch at Benedict Cumberbatch’s immaculately British face (It’s ok though as he regenerates! yey!).

The ending was rather a surprise. Here’s to hoping we see Khan again!


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