Hannibal’s Amuse Bouche Inspiration is the Mushroom Burial Suit TED Talk

Slow clap for the second episode of Brian Fuller’s Hannibal. I love Brian Fuller’s brain. Seriously. I knew his new series would be unique even though we’re currently inundated by serial killer shows, not to mention all the CSI shows from 50 states. You can almost image Will Graham’s character as extension of Fuller himself. Yes, I can just see that nerdy guy standing above a corpse and imagining the most out-of-this-word crime scene.

I wonder how those mushrooms would taste like? When I saw mushrooms with the bodies, immediately I thought about one of  the most bizarre TED Talks I’ve ever seen. Jae Rhim Lee, a consummate artist and environmentalist, pondered about the impact of funeral traditions like embalming to the environment. Chemicals from embalming such as formaldehyde get’s absorbed in the ground, polluting the earth. Lee’s solution is a ninja-like death suit covered in spores where mushrooms can grow and thrive fed by our wholly organic, chemical-free dead carcass.

I’ve always wanted to dry those portobello  shrooms with stuffed everything. I wonder if the meaty taste would change when it grows from actual meat?

Hopefully, this Brian Fuller creation pushes through to the end and not get cancelled like all his other TV series. If those network executives at NBC ever get as rude, he could always eat them.



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