Find your New Manny Pacquiao

As Manny Pacquiao finally proved to the world that he’s actually just a human being, like you and me, in the Philippines, people are still in mourning over his defeat by arch rival, Juan Manuel Marquez. A lot of speculations are being thrown out there. In a freakishly Roman Catholic (Majority) country, it’s believed that his loss is due to the fact that he changed religion and decided to forgo his tradition and religious rituals such as making the sign of the cross and wearing the rosary. Some would argue it was his big head that finally got a little too big for his short frame. While other still say it was just meant to be.

Manny Pacquiao, of a country most people in the world hardly knows, is treated like some revered god. He’s a politician, a singer (lol), a game show host, an actor (?), and a “godfather” to adoring fans. His defeat is like a blow not just to his ego but the ego of millions of Filipinos. That’s because he’s Manny, as pure a Filipino as they come. And Filipinos love nothing more  than to latch on to internationally famous Filipinos, half-Filipinos, quarter-Filipinos, and anybody else related to the Philippines. (Yes, even foreigners who were just fortunate enough to visit the Philippines. In case you didn’t know it yet, you are a defacto honorary Filipino.)

As for me, I really don’t care that much. Boxing or any other sport for that matter was never my interest. I instead choose to latch on to famous literary Filipinos such as Miguel Syjuco (although I have not fully read his book, Illustrado) and Jose Antonio Vargas who is a Pulitzer Prize winning illegal alien in New York. There’s really more to Filipinos than boxing, dancing, and singing. I wish Filipinos would latch on to these sexy, brainy Pinoys as fervently as they do Manny.

Fashionistas, we have Monique Lhuillier, the famous fashion designer! I’m currently obsessing about her creations. And I love that in her interviews, she doesn’t have that American twang other Pinoys get with just a few month of living in the US. I love that she talks naturally in that familiar, neutral Filipino accent. While petite and tiny, she embodies what Filipinos could achieve if they follow their passion. She’s no rags to riches story, as her family owns the largest (?) chain of pawnshops in the Philippines but still, she pursued her passion and is now an internationally-renowned red carpet go-to designer.

While Pinoys anticipate Manny’s Sunday fights, I wait for red carpet events to see if celebrities are wearing anything Monique Lhuillier created. I’m delighted to know that a lot of them wore her designs for the Emmy’s.

What’s the point I’m trying to make? Maybe it’s time to stop the hero-worship of Manny Pacquiao. Let’s all find somebody else to latch on to. :)


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