Still Cumberbatched-Shit Crazy: Frankenstein with the other Sherlock

One of the most positive results that came out of my Benedict Cumberbatch obsession is the re-awakening of my appreciation for the classics. I’ve read the children’s versions of classics and as I grow older I began reading the original books, the unabridged versions with all the gory details children aren’t supposed to read. So now, I’m still stuck on Sherlock. I can’t believe how many stories Arthur Conan Doyle actually wrote about the detective. Although I would’ve liked a little bit more Irene Adler in some of them.

I’ve also watched all 5 episodes of Parade’s End, a much more interesting 1910 drama compared to Downton Abbey (which, by the way, after killing one of my fave characters is now so ho-hum-who-cares). As I described to my office mates, Parade’s End is like a classier soap opera. It’s written by a funny-named author, Ford Madox Ford.

Now I want to watch this Frankenstein play. The trailer alone is hauntingly gothic and intense. If I could teleport myself to the theater, I would! I’ve always imagined Frankenstein’s monster as the green, bumbling, Hulk-like dude with 2 over-sized screws on the head. So uninteresting, unintelligent and robotic-like creature. But this version is sexy! Of course, having 2 versions of the creature and the doctor be played by the sexiest Sherlocks in TV certainly helps.

So now, I’m thinking maybe I should read the original Mary Shelley novel! I haven’t even finished Dracula yet. (I’m not a fan of reading a lot of letters in a novel. ) I’m going to try and get the novel. I heard certain theaters in US will be showing the footage of the play. I hope they would put out a DVD. They’d certainly make a killing with all the Cumberbactched ladies opening their wallets… and more.

I’ve never been more interested in this creature. Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller certainly changed the perception I have of this monster. Mary Shelley would be so proud!


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