Pushing Daisies – Missing the Pie Hole

There I was watching Adam Richman stuff pie after pie into his mouth and then I thought, “Hmm…pie…”

I miss Pushing Daisies! I miss Mr. Piemaker – Ned (Lee Pace), Chuck, the detective, and even Olive (Christine Chenoweth). Unfortunately, like every other TV show Bryan Fuller created, it did not resonate with the masses.

Bryan Fuller is probably one of the most under appreciated creator of TV shows. He created some of the most unique, intellectual and imaginatively-challenging shows in all of TV land. Wonderfalls is his series about a 20-something college graduate disenchanted with post-college life. Jaye Tyler, the protagonist, learns that she can talk to animal figurines and other novelty items and they dispense out wanted or unwanted instructions that result in happy endings for people around her. At first, I thought that premise was crazy and I didn’t watch it (like everybody else) until a year or more after it was cancelled. And I thought it was actually one of the most thoughtful and hilarious shows I’ve ever seen.

After that, I began to watch other Bryan Fuller shows such as Dead Like Me. There are many similarities between Jaye and Georgia Lass, protagonist for Dead Like Me. Like Jaye, Georgia sees the world in a cynical and jaded light. Both are almost the same age and both attempt to keep as far as possible from their families. Georgia Lass was turned into a grim reaper after a toilet seat dropped from the sky straight down on her head. The series lasted for 2 seasons without resolution so Fuller developed a movie to continue the story where it left off.

There were many a buzz about the fate of Pushing Daisies when it was revealed that the show would be cancelled. First there were speculations about a movie, then a graphic novel, and then a play. I don’t think any of these will do. Someone should start a petition to bring back Pushing Daisies instead of the “Mocking Bird Lane” Munster revival. Seriously? Pushing Daisies is eons better!

I want to know what happens to Ned and Chuck. Will they finally touch? I want to know damn it! Bryan Fuller get a move on this project already! Please! We need these kinds of TV shows that are fearlessly unique and don’t dumb down the story line because the creator assumes the audience has an IQ of a politician caught with his pants down.


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