Hopelessly In Love with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock Holmes

I’ve known Sherlock since I was a kid. Though the mysteries were intriguing, Arthur Conan Doyle’s genius detective was never one of my favorite characters. I was 9 or 10 maybe, but I was into more gothic characters and stories such as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Count of Monte Cristo (whom I mistaken for a vampire because his name started with a Count… Count Dracula… ah-ah-ah…), and Great Expectations (First Kiss chapter thrilled me to no end).

Being a girl, I was into the romance, the love story elements and all the intrigue that surrounds this often sung, written and portrayed emotion. Well, needless to say, I didn’t find these elements in my children’s version of Sherlock Holmes. I didn’t know about Irene Adler. “A Scandal in Bohemia” was not included in the book I read as a child. The editor probably didn’t deem it appropriate for children. (On a side note, I was in National Bookstore earlier and saw a mother and her 2 pre-teen boys perusing the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. I think they were seriously considering buying the most awful books ever to get published. Wonder what mom would think when her boys lock their bedroom door and the big bottle of lotion goes missing?)

Watching BBC’s modern version of Sherlock made me crave Arthur Conan Doyle’s classics but apparently, everyone had a craving for the books as I’ve been to two bookstores and they’re all out of stock. I can’t wait to read those other stories that I’m not familiar with. I didn’t know there were more.

BBC teased us with just 3 episodes per season. Fortunately the 3rd season is going to start shooting in January. Am I going to watch the American version, Elementary? I’m still not sure. Cumberbatch’s portrayal is a tough act to follow. His unusually high cheekbones, manic blue eyes and artfully tousled hair are so unique. His voice was described as “beautiful”  and it certainly is. Who else can deliver lines at rapid pace but still maintain the clarity so the audience can follow?

Watching Sherlock with Dr. Watson, reminded me of House and Dr. Wilson and then I remembered that House was modeled after Sherlock. It’s uncanny how the writers of both shows took the essence of the story and characters and successfully transpose them to the modern world.

As Holmes said, he’s a high-functioning sociopath in the side of the angels but is not one of them. What is it with sociopaths that women go ga-ga over them? The hope that she’s the one who’s going to save the mad genius? I commiserate with the character Molly, who’s forever in Sherlock’s periphery but never got the full attention of the mad genius until the very end.

In the end, we’re all suckers for this type of character. Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory, Grissom from CSI, House, and Sherlock. They’re all too cool for this fool.


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