Philippine Elections: Political Dynasty vs. Grassroots Activists

Another election season is coming with the Commission on Elections opening of the COC’s filing (Certificate of Candidacy). As expected, the families of incumbent politicians are like freed hungry zombies honing in on human brains. Their desire for power is so palpable, they would probably fuck it if they could.

Is there no end to this endless cycle of fucked-up politics in the Philippines? Do we really have no choice but to go for the lesser evils? Private citizens are working so fucking hard trying to put the Philippines back on the map and all the fucking corrupt politicians do is to strategize how they could make more money for themselves using our taxes.

I propose a solution. Why don’t these activists in the streets who are passionate about the fate of our country put down their signs and go now to the COMELEC office to file their own COCs? They can infiltrate the government one barangay at a time and create a more organic, grassroots politics instead of the traditional politics funded by dubious sources and rich elitist families?

For God sake let’s do something before the shit hits the fan in this country of so much potential and beauty.


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