Team Phantom vs Team Raoul: Phantom of the Opera in Manila

I’ve always wanted to watch the Phantom of the Opera live in a theater. In my ideal scenario, I would have wanted to watch it New York with Young Sarah Brightman playing the lead but alas, I’m in my humble city of Manila and Sara Brightman is…where the hell is Sara Brightman now?

I remembered the last time the production was in Manila was in the early 90s if I’m not mistaken. I remembered only the rich students were able to attend and I was so envious! I love gothic romance and there’s nonetheless so gothic than Phantom.

Although it is one of my most favorite musicals of all times, though, I’m too cheap to pay for the more expensive
seats… I paid for that decision dearly.

The seats were on the third floor balcony. I was surprised at how steep the incline was. We barely saw the entire stage from the extreme angle. I was used to seeing the stage straight ahead as I had been invited to ballets there with free tickets. We were ways seated near the front. Needless to say, lesson learned!

Annoying people also tend to be seated right in front of you. I often got toyed to fling anything at those curious heads that block the view of the stage.

We went on a Saturday afternoon and the seats were filled to capacity. Pinoys loved this musical as they know most of the songs and hello! Love triangles! I heard a lady above us raring to sing along when the famous All I ask of You began! Fortunately, she remembered that we were in a theater and not at home with a videoke!

With this new Australian cast, I think the musical was just as magical. It was truly a one of a kind production. At the opening score alone, as the flashback began, the ugly dust covers creep back to reveal the ornate Opera Populare, and the chandelier sparked to life and slowly ascended, it send goosebumps to my skin! From start to finish, it was fabulous! I loved it better than Miss Saigon which I saw in 1999(?), while seated at the front rows.

To anyone who have not seen the musical yet, I advice you to pick a team now and experience the epicness of the Phantom of the Opera!


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