The Stolen iPod Touch and the Invisible Higad

Last Sunday, after a grueling day of chores and work, at around 4:oo am, my 4 year old iPod 2 accidentally fell into the toilet. After emitting a high-pitched scream, I did what any rational person would do. I looked up “wet ipod” on Google. What first popped out was this urban myth about rice sucking up moisture from any gadget. Well, long story short, I tried that trick and my iPod, unsurprisingly, did not come to life like Lazarus or even a gadget-version of a Zombie. Nope, it just black, kindda like a black hole without a vortex.

We’ve had the best of times, me and my iPod, we played music, movies, games, and podcasts. How I loved my podcasts… I never wanted to replaced the thing even though I salivate over new generation gadgets like the iPhone 4, 4S and iPod 4.  I’ve always thought my good ol’ iPod was enough for me. The content, not the device itself, was what’s important, you see.

The prospect of facing life without an iPod was a little daunting for me. So as soon as the 24 hour period for the rice treatment had elapsed and I finally accepted the fact that my beloved iPod was dead, I immediately went on eBay to begin my search for a replacement. Lo and behold was a brand new iPod 4 from a Power Seller. What’s more, it’s 4K cheaper than the mall price. After clicking the Buy It Now button, I arranged to meet the same day. We met and exchanged money and merchandise and I was happy again.

I began exploring my brand new, shiny iPod 4. I marveled at how slim it is compared to my old one, how it had a built-in mic, how fast the apps were. I could finally play that Temple Run game, people were all yammering about. I finally had the reason to upgrade my iTunes. We synced, the moment we met.

That was Monday. Today, I was going to the gym before going to the office but I was fighting a cold. I felt a bit groggy and sleepy. I usually get over these small stuff pretty quickly so I still went. Riding on the jeep to Guadalupe, I was running a little late. On Kalayaan near Rockwell, I woke from a half-sleep when I saw my bag open. My iPod was still playing on my ears. What I like most about my long commute is the opportunity to listen to Podcasts, downloaded from the night before. How appropriate that the last podcast I listened to was Writing Excuses’ talk about Brevity.

Brevity is one word that can describe my relationship with the new iPod4. I was closing the zipper on my bag when I saw a thin, 40-ish man, moreno with a nondescript face pointing to my hair. “May higad ka sa buhok,” he said. In my mind, I saw a creature with itchy hair that constantly fell on us when we were kids playing under the old Sampaloc tree  in our backyard. I was panicking trying to get the invisible itchy worm out of my hair. Oh he helped, of course. Pretending to be swatting at it while his other hand deftly grabs my shiny new iPod4. He called out, “para.” And then he was gone.

I was still swatting at my hair when a passenger said to look in my bag to see if something was missing. Sure enough. I tried running after him but he was so plainly uninteresting, I wouldn’t recognize him if he was right in front of me.

After settling down my jangled nerves, I rode a taxi home to get the serial number and go to the police. There’s another story in there somewhere but I shall prudently follow my guts… this time.

Going home today, I was observing my fellow jeepney passengers. Two were sleeping, and more than 3 had their phones out. I saw some had expensive smart phones. We sometimes forget where we are and who we are living with. We forget that we are living in a country with desperately poor people driven to lives of crime. Or people who simply know no other living than to lie, cheat, and steal. We let our guard down, in our default mindset that all people are good and honest. Sooner or later, someone else is going to victimized. You just think it’s never going to be you. Until it’s your turn.

If you come across this iPod4: C3RGVTBWDT77 it’s stolen property. Have a heart and contact me through this blog.

Here’s a report about the latest Modus Operandi of thieves in the Metro:


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