American Horror Story: My New Obsession and Realization

I’m a sucker for Bryonic heroes. This, I just realized after googling “Bryonic Heroes” after reading reviews about the cult-hit TV series, American Horror Story. It all makes sense now. Mr. Rochester, Heathcliff, Mr. Darcy, and Professor Snape are all Bryonic heroes and I love them all.  The latest character I can add to my list is Tate Langdon, the charming psychopath from AHS.

In reality Bryonic heroes would probably be the most awful choice for a boyfriend. Sure, it would be exciting and exhilarating, until the bi-polar bastard starts to swing to the dark side. If Violet and Tate were a living couple, I predict major fights culminating in Violet’s death by the hands of her boyfriend instead of her own. Bryonic heroes are fun at the beginning but I suspect relationships will be far too short with temperament running wild. Just look at Kurt Cobain, Tate Langdon’s inspiration. Could Kurt be anymore Bryonic? Seriously… Fortunately, he’s not a psychopath and just bi-polar. He died without taking anybody else with him.

Tate Langdon, on the other hand, is evil personified but his charm and intelligence just keep girls wanting him. If Tate didn’t look the way he looked, Violet would be running for the other direction, the moment she knew what he’d done. She only reached her limit when it was revealed to her that Tate raped her mother. Thank God, the girl had limits! I admired Violet’s resolve to keep Tate away from her. I know that if I was in her place I might not have the willpower to resist those mysterious black eyes and ruffled blonde hair! It’s a healthy decision that girls her age should learn from–when  your boyfriend rapes your mother, it’s time to say NO!


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