Incubus If Not Now, When? Manila Conert Minus Brandon’s Nippies

Incubus Audience

Crowds of adults and adolescents packed the Araneta Colosseum to watch Incubus perform their new songs from the newly released album, If Not Now, When?. I watched them perform in 2008 with the Light Grenades tour and I can’t wait to see them again after 3 long years.

Franco Band opened to a cheering crowd hungry for some alternative music that’s impossible to classify as emo. How many bands today are not riddled with foolish angst and shallow emotion that ranges from sad to sadder to saddest? Yesterday was the first time I heard of this Franco Band and I can definitely say it won’t be the last. They sound surprisingly like foreign bands, Incubus included. But with their own flavor with Rastafarian thrown in the mix. They were the exact fit for Incubus.

When Brandon and the boys came in on stage, the crowd went wild. I could see from my binoculars the throng of women and “men” on the front of the stage that’s usually reserved for mosh pits in rock concerts. There was no danger as I highly doubt any mosh pit would appear at an Incubus concert! I would not be surprised if ladies showed off their goodies for Brandon though!

We waited with bated breath for Brandon to start stripping down the blazer and shirt to show us his lanky but ripped frame but alas! He just stripped down to his ratty shirt with arm holes the size of Texas. He opened the show with the hit, “Megalomaniac” and the blast of videoke-crazed singing pinoys started to overpower Boyd’s vocals. Oh yes, at every hit song and single, the crowds, as expected sang their heart out. Misheard lyrics be damned, everybody wanted to prove they deserved to come here because they were true fans!

Brandon Boyd

As expected, Boyd sang a lot of songs from the new album including, Adolescents, Promises, Promises, Isadore, and In the Company of Wolves. I love how he moved his lanky frame gracefully as if in a trance or perpetual high. The Boyd sang a total of 20 songs including one of my favorites which he didn’t sing in the 2008 concert, Pardon Me. The concert was too short in my opinion. I would have stayed standing until he sang all 80 or so song he has ever written.

Even without the nude Boyd, every Incubus concert could not possibly disappoint. I await their next Manila tour and this time, save up for better seats. The better to see and hear the lovely Brandon Boyd with! Even without the nippies.


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