Talecraft 1: The Angel and the Psychopath

Genre: Romance, Contemporary Fantasy
Archetype: The Reluctant Hero
Keyword: Blindness, Moon, Test, Wings, Slavery

Peter woke up from a pleasant dream where he could see the world below as he flies to hear a phantom feminine voice calling him. “Remember, please remember me. I need your help, Peter!” For a over a month now the voice comes to him every night. He was at a loss of what to do. He was afraid to admit that maybe he was losing his mind.

He would waken as always alone in his dark room, a small apartment in the center of the business district. The neon lights of the neighboring “night club” had long since stop providing an eerie red glow through his minute window. The neighborhood, at last, was silent as is his room where only the ticking of the clock can be heard.

He turns the lights on full blast but that helps little since he’s almost completely blind. Nevertheless, his limited sight but sharp hearing confirmed that he was, indeed, alone in his room.

Time to see Dr. Cruz, he thought resignedly. Dr. Cruz was a pyscho-therapist he saw when he was just teenager coming to grips with the fact that his eyes were slowly failing him one field of vision at a time.

He laid back to bed and a few minutes later he was back in dreamland. Only it seemed more real this time. In his mind, he was awake like never before and he can see an ethereal being in dirty white rags was calling to him. Under the grime and matted black hair, he could see that she was beautiful with endearing light brown eyes, high cheekbones and cupid bow lips. She was frail and on her neck was enclosed in what looked like rusty and heavy clasp with a chain that stretch all the way into the darkness. A sudden breeze came from behind her and he noticed for the first time the shining feathers that decorate what seems to be a pair of angel wings.

Now I know I’m really dreaming, he thought.

“You are not dreaming! Listen to me!,” pleaded the dirty angel.

“How did you know what I was thinking?,” he asked.

“Never mind that! You can’t remember me and who you really are but I found a way to make you remember your true past. On the first night of the full moon, you will meet a lady who will knock on your door. She will tell you her name is Oblivia. Trust her and you will know.”

“I want to wake up now.”

The angel touched his cheek and her hands felt oddly familiar but cold on his cheek. “I have to go. I’ve missed you, my love…”


The darkness creeped over her and eventually him. Suddenly, Peter woke up to the glaring sun streaming and a screaming alarm clock.

“Oh shit! Late again!”


Peter had put the dream aside and went on with his life like nothing ever happened. He was glad the episodes with the voice finally stopped and it seems like everything was back to normal. But on the night of the first full moon, somebody knocked on his door. Having no family and few friends who never visit him, Peter was surprised and a little apprehensive. He asked, “Who is it?”

“The Oblivia.”

The vivid dream run through his head like a memory from yesterday. He opened the door to face the stranger and a sudden wind rush past him.

“Let’s make this quick, mortal!”

Peter spun around back toward his living room with his heart pounding in surprise.

“She’s making a big mistake overruling his orders but I have debt to repay.”

Oblivia metamorphosed into a petite young lady wearing a skin tight white cocktail dress with a neckline so low, she’s endangering the lives of men ogling her. Fortunately for Peter, she’s nothing but a white blob with hands that are currently gripping his hair.

She uttered spells that were foreign to Peter. She did it so quickly that Peter had no time to react. When she finished, she released the grip she had on his head and studied him thoughtfully.

“You better be worth it. I can’t make you forget again.”

At that point, Peter lost all consciousness and promptly fell down the floor.

He remembered…

Peter was born to a psychopathic father and his victim. His mother was tortured and raped by his father as young teenager and she had Peter whom she felt was a demon who was like his father. Peter was rescued by the police when he was 6 but for his mother, it was too late. Her corpse had been rotting in a small room of a small grimy house in an isolated village. Peter’s father allowed the boy to wander around the house even inside the room of his decomposing mother. The boy was smart and a true survivor. Despite the neglect, he thrived and looked out for himself until the government eventually took custody of his care.

Cassiel, was the angel sent to save his soul. The fates had predicted that the boy with the damaged mind and spirit had a special soul that was worth saving. It has great potential and much admired by those who can appreciate it. Cassiel came to know Peter as a small girl in the orphanage where they were both staying.

At first, Peter was a troubled kid. If there was a fight that broke out, he was usually the instigator. Petty trinkets and valuable things would go missing and usually, one can find the missing items on his box of stuff. The staff at the orphanage was ready to give him up but they were fascinated by the relationship developing between the boy and tiny Cassie.

At first, Peter was annoyed by the presence of the little girl who seems to make it her mission to stick to his shadow. But by Christmas, Peter had tolerated her presence and was even starting to acknowledge the girl. They went to elementary and high school together and became best friends.

As the years passed, they were inseparable. Peter’s behavior improved under the influence of Cassie but he still carried a mean streak. In one occassion, another boy at school gathered his courage to ask Cassie to the prom. She declined of course but by the next morning, the boy was found behind the school with bloody contusions and bruises all over his body. He was sent to the emergency room and was questioned by the police. The boy said that he don’t know who attacked him because he was wearing a mask.

Suspicion fell on Peter but nobody can prove anything. Peter tried to ask Cassie to go with him to the dance but she said she was disappointed with him and that he failed her. Peter did not understand what she meant.

Peter was being put the test to see if he can indeed be saved. The tests were orquestrated by the fates to see how he would fare. In the final test, Peter was put into the most difficult situation. Cassie leaving him. At graduation, Cassie announced that she got a scholarship to a university in another country. Peter put up a fight but the opportunity was so great that she can’t possibly say no. The fight escalated and Peter in a moment of raw fury got a knife and stabbed Cassie.

He realized what he had done and broke down. Freed from the human body, Cassie appeared before Peter in her true form, wings and all. He thought he was having a hallucination but she assured him that he was not. He failed almost every test and was sure there was an unfortunate end waiting for him in a short while. Cassie failed the fates too for she fell in love with Peter in a way that angels were forbidden to. She made a deal with the most powerful fallen angel who knew other beings with specialized powers that can help her. Peter will be hidden from the fates, and his memory of the past would be erased. In exchange, Cassie promised to become his slave and will be forever bound to the fallen angel.

When the explosion that was meant to kill Peter happened, it only took his sight. He was carried away on orders of the fallen.


He was now faced with the truth. His heart remembered how much passionately he loved Cassie and the terribly thing he did.


i hate this… martyr heroin… oh well… will do better next time!


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