Talecraft: The Story Telling Game

Talecraft Cards

I got a new toy this week and it’s called Talecraft, a card game where you pick cards and tell a story. I finally found an apt activity for this blog!

Let me explain how you play the game. There are 3 kinds of cards: Genre, Archetype, and Key. There are 9 genre cards (Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi etc.),  25 Archetypes (Reluctant Hero, Siren, Psychopath etc.), and 49 Keys. The Key cards contain various keywords like Moon, Body Painting, Mirror etc. that you have to weave into the story. It also includes plot lines and special cards, ‘Swap’ and ‘Pick’. Swap allows you to swap any card for another of the same kind and Pick mandates you to pick another Genre or Archetype. This means that the story gets a little more complicated with two or more archetypes and/or two or more genre (ex. Historical Thriller).

The rules are lax but generally, a player has 5 minutes to come up with a story to tell. Since stories are subjective, assign an impartial judge or judge one another’s work to determine a winner. A person playing alone may just type the story as it would be silly for you to be talking to thin air.


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