Incubus Live in Manila: I get to see Brandon’s Nipples Again!

I could still remember the last time the band was here. It was March 9, 2008, the “Light Grenades” Pacific Rim Tour. I had general admission tickets which cost me 525. I had to pay for my gayfriend’s ticket for him to accompany me. He thought we were going to the Maroon 5 concert. Ummm, no. I told him and saw his face fell.

I found out one effective way to tell who your true friends are. They stand beside you in a loud concert arena with bands playing songs they never heard before and is definitely not in their scope of favorite music.

A definite must-have especially if you have general admission tickets: binoculars. When Brandon Boyd’s shirt came off, women positively swooned! The sight of Brandon’s glorious chest was truly a sight to behold! Too bad I didn’t have those huge zoom lens photographers use to capture images of wild animals. The animal on stage was definitely something I wanted to capture!

The evening ended fairly well for my gay friend and I. I get to fulfill my fantasy of seeing Brandon Boyd, and he got to know some Indian guy who actually fulfilled a rather more carnal fantasy of his.

Incubus Live in Manila
If Not Now, When? World Tour
July 28, 2011 at the Araneta Coliseum
Presented by Ovation Productions


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