KAOS, The Musical – An Epic Deus Ex Machina

Kaos, the White Lion

The necessity of a boyfriend really sinks in when you have two tickets to an event and not one of your friends is available.  Fortunately, I have new friends like Diana who is always on the look out for new experiences. And trust me, Kaos the Musical definitely counts as a new experience.

Musicals, in my opinion, have always had simple plot lines. Take Phantom of the Opera, two guys fighting over a girl. One s rich, the other, a “ghost”. Miss Saigon. Basically Pretty Woman in the time of war. Hair Spray, about an unrealistic relationship of a horizontally-challenged girl and a pretty boy.

Kaos, on the other hand, is an all together different type of a monster. It’s a musical, yes. But the ridiculous plot line and cheesy love ballads only serve as the gaudy frame to the circus acts and death-defying stunts that terrified and entertained the audience.

A short summary of the “plot”: A prince in medieval times dreams of a woman in white who sings in flawless soprano. Long story short,  he’s in love with the girl of his dreams…literally. In a far off future, the lovely girl in white also dreams of this prince. (See where I’m getting at here?) They meet and fall in love (well, duh!) and of course, a douchebag comes between them. The antagonist is the evil royal advisor to the king who, by some twist that I probably missed, got a hold of a magic ring and was hell bent on getting the Prince’s dream girl. Every plot hole is explained by magic and it doesn’t even matter…seriously.

Main Course: Acrobats, Stunts, Illusions

The Chinese acrobats perform with the dancers as the main characters belt out tune after tune of Disney-like songs. There were European dancers, as well as Pinoys. The spectacle was not limited to the stage. Dancers and performers often come out in the aisles (In our VIP seats, inches in front of us) to engage the audience. I’m sure Cirque de Soleil is better but the aerial acrobats were graceful and stunning as well.

It was quite a sight to have muscled and shirtless men in cut offs wear ship costumes with phallic symbols on their heads. I’m sure the kids all thought it was just part of the ship’s mast. As if that were not enough to titillate the gays in the audience, out comes two muscled European men. One smaller that the other. The big one carried the small one hand to hand and he performed gravity-defying feats that showcased all their toned physique.

The good wizard or magician, Enrique Polo, tried his best to make us gasp and be wide-eyed with wonder. Unfortunately, based on the smattering of claps, almost everyone in the theater apparently had seen AXN’s Secrets of Magicians: Revealed. To his credit, there were a few gasps when no one can quickly come up with an explanation of how he did his illusions.

The medieval cast was welcomed to the future (there was a portal) by the Philippine All Stars. Now I know why they won the 2006 dance competition in US. They were incredible! Their bodies moved with such precision, you’d think they were robots.

The Time Machine, a see-saw-like machine with 2 gigantic hamster (should I say human?) wheels was set up on stage and two muscled and handsome men from Belarus proceeded to terrify us with their stunt act. Each occupies a wheel at each end but not for long. They went in blind folded, jumped roped and basically just jumped high on the see-saw contraption that reached the height of a 2-story building.

Motorcycle Dome of Death

I was expecting the finale to be the Dome of Death which I’d seen on TV before. I was joking when I said I wanted to see blood and guts; but for the whole act, I was praying for the bikers not to die. I thought there was going to be a total of 3 bikers in the small dome. But no, they keep bringing in bike after bike. In total, there were five bikers in the dome. Spoiler Alert! They open up the dome in half while all five bikers were zooming in circles.

I’m so happy I did not sell the free VIP tickets! The show was actually quite spectacular, a bit over-the-top; yes, but it was an experience you had to try at least once.


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