Why I should Never have Super Powers

Wonder Woman

Although I often wished I had super powers, I knew in my heart why God deemed it wise not to give me some. Here’s why:

  1. I would have made trucks and buses that cause so much traffic vanish into oblivion. Although I ride buses all the time, I kind of wish the bus I’m ridding on suddenly becomes an endangered specie. The only one of its kind…in EDSA at the very least.
  2. I would have melted those douche bags in their swanky cars trying to run me over while I’m crossing the street with an à la Cyclops’ laser stare.
  3. I would have strapped whoever is in charge of the MRT station to the rail way. Since the trains break down all the time, odds are he’ll escape anyway.
  4. I would have caused the ceiling to collapse on that annoying singing call center agent behind me. For God’s sake stop forcing everybody to listen to your rendition of cheesy ballads!
  5. I would have caused a minor weather disturbance by creating a snowy blizzard around me staving off this godawful hot weather.
Storm X-men

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