Going to KAOS at Resort’s World!

Thanks to Jessica Zafra’s contest: How to Spend Php 10 Million in 48 hours, I actually won 2 VIP tickets to KAOS!

KAOS is in one word: an EXTRAVAGANZA of Vegas proportions. They’ve got lions, tigers, death defying stunts and acrobats.

I’m excited because I’ve never been to a proper circus unless you count perya as one and I’ve also never been VIP anything before.

Another surprise is the Resort’s World complimentary KAOS stuff toy. Wow! I have one less inaanak (godchild) to buy a gift for next Christmas!

Thanks Jessica Zafra, Carlo the pastry chef (who was the judge), and Resorts World Manila. Now, if only they included the dress I’m going to wear…

KAOS stuff toy and tickets


One thought on “Going to KAOS at Resort’s World!

  1. Hooray! That stuff toy is indeed a steal. There’s still time to shop or if you’re saving, there’s always the mix and match type to resort to hihi.

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