Van Gogh on Skin

This entry was posted on Thursday, July 26th, 2007 at 3:40 am at my old Friendster blog, Pinoyhobbit.

Sleeping Baby Tattoo

I thought tattoos were for testosterone-driven bikers and inmates. Turns out you could actually shed a tear or two hearing the stories behind ordinary people’s tattoos.

If you have Discovery Travel and Living in your cable, try tuning into “Miami Ink”.  It’s about a tattoo parlor in Miami where people from all walks of life come to get their skin “inked”.  I was hooked from the very beginning. Their customers’ stories of tragedy and triumph are immortalized in their skin.  Like that story of a man who had a cancer-stricken daughter of about 3 or 4 years old. He knew that his daughter got less than a year to live so he decided to get his daughter’s very poignant picture tattooed over his heart. I was bawling like baby in this episode!

Tattooed portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Kat Von D

My favorite tattoo artist on that show is Kat.  The only female tattoo artist in the shop.  She specializes in portraits and gray-scale tattoos.  Her work is truly amazing! She works with skin; treating it like a blank canvass and she’s the painter working on her masterpiece. And if you saw her work, you will surely be impressed with the intricate simplicity but stunning final result.
Almost all the time, when we see a guy with tattoos we swerve to avoid him. We think: rebel, criminal or just plain loopy.  We should pause to appreciate these fine art which are symbols of one’s journey through life. Maybe we could even learn a lesson or two.






OBRA by Even – Song about tattoos



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