The Temptation of Mwah

Yesterday, the ATM machine gave me Php 1000 extra cash. I was confused for a moment thinking I entered the wrong amount but when I looked at the receipt, it’s clear… God just gave me a belated Christmas present or the devil just decided to play “What would you do if…” game.

I remembered the election last 2004. My cousin was apparently a temporary campaign staff for a congressional candidate, and they gave me Php 500 to vote for their candidate who I was going to vote for anyway (in my country, there’s no “Obama” choice. It’s either the evil one or the seemingly less evil one).

I jumped excitedly because I’d heard about this goings-on during elections but I’ve never been bribed before. Then I hit my head on the cupboard. Literally. I swear to God I saw my philosophy/ethics teacher in my head shaking his head at me.

I grudgingly gave up the money and my brother took it. 500 bucks is not worth losing my right to curse and blame greedy politicians without feeling like a hypocrite.

Now I still had the extra money from the bank. If it was a huge amount, I wouldn’t have hesitated to contact the bank immediately. For the extra paltry Php 1K, I thought of the books I’d wanted to buy immediately.

Then I thought about giving the money to charity, then thought maybe this IS my reward for the donation I gave to UNICEF after being bombarded by images from Haiti and crying my eyes out. I finally gave in and dusted off my Electronic Mastercard I haven’t used since iTunes.

My sister thought I should just let it slide. It’s either the bank is gonna debit my account or not. I told her it did not even bother my conscience but I lied.

Now I’m at an impasse…

Finally did return the money. So glad to know I’m not eligible to run for office in this corrupt government of ours.


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