Choking Game for Dummies

I just heard about the young girl who died of self-asphyxiation, tying a wide ribbon on her neck then hanging the other end on the door knob of her bedroom. The mother called 911 but she was gone.

Apparently, there’s new game in town called by many names: Choking Game, Fainting Game, Flatliners (my favorite), etc. All around the world, the game spread via Youtube postings. Girls and boys choking each other by various means, fainting then wake up laughing hysterically.

Another name for this game is the American Dream. Does this indicate where the game originated? A quick googling didn’t say. It looks like it’s prevalent in US and Europe.

I bet that this game is not popular with the kids from third world countries.  They have games of near-death-experiences everyday! They don’t even have to try killing themselves. Poverty takes care of that.

What happened? Are rich and privileged kids that bored and that dumb? If the future is in their hands, God help us! The tween that was featured in the news came from a middle-class family, was an honor student  and well-behaved, but obviously, something went wrong.

I remember my teen days when classmates were pressuring me to try smoking because it’s cool. I didn’t give in because I knew who I was and what I stood for. I stand for not aging prematurely!

I laughed guiltily at one comment on a Youtube video of one kid that died: “It’s natural selection at work.”

Isn’t it?

Remember David Carradine (Kill Bill) who died from erotic asphyxiation? We should have learned a lesson from ‘ol Bill: got an itch to scratch? Drop that noose and get a lotion, fool!

Another victim of the Choking Game


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