Mockumenting Love

Paper Heart starring Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi

Review: Paper Heart

This is one of my most anticipated movie since I watched the trailer.

The Story:

It’s a mockumentary (mock documentary – I didn’t make this word up – Google it!) about love, as in how girl meets boy, yada-yada… It stars the curiously-never-aging, always adorable, Michael Cera, who critics say has one role he plays over and over again…himself. He plays that character so well, casting can’t imagine him in any other role. For those who have not seen the movie or trailer, guess what he is in this one.

Yup. Only this time, his character’s name is also Michael Cera.

With him is a not very famous (at least to me) comedian, Charlyne Yi. She doesn’t believe in romantic love as much as atheists don’t believe in God.

The movie explores her journey to find out if love exist in a “documentary” with her friend, Nick. She interviews couples old, new, gay and straight. They show cute dioramas to demonstrate the moment when they fell in love. Charlyne  also interviews romance novelists, scientists and children; they each offer a different view about love and its role in the drama that is our existence. The interviews are real and unscripted except maybe for the questions.

Charlyne meets Michael Cera, the actor at the beginning of the journey. Their relationship develops as the movie progresses. This part of the movie is fiction.

I absolutely love the interviews and the dioramas. I absolutely didn’t care for the love story of Cera and Charlyne.

First, I love the sincerity of the couples’ stories, found the professionals (novelists, scientists) views fascinating and the kids were hilarious.

The fiction part were a pain to watch. I did not buy that Cera falls for Charlyne and vice-versa. You can tell there is no chemistry or spark between them. They were just too awkward together.

I’d rather see more of the documentary part and leave out the mocking love part.


3.5 out of 5 reels


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